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"Le Cheval de Troie",
from "Dalinean Horses"
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"The Official Catalog of the Graphic Works of


By Albert Field

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What is the "Official Catalog..." ?

Albert Field's definitive work on Dali's graphic works is the culmination of forty years of friendship with the artist.
"The Official Catalog follows a scholarly text, with illustrations of every verified Dali print - intaglio, lithograph, and wood engraving, with over 1,900 illustrations, 1,500 of them in color!

Essential to collectors, galleries, and museums, this volume is composed of two sections: the Catalog, and the Guide to Collecting Dali Prints. The Catalog section consists of 221 pages of text and illustrations of all the known Dali prints ever published.

Each print entry contains: the date of publication; the medium; the image and paper size; the publisher; the printer; the edition size; and a color reproduction of the print.

The comprehensive Guide section exposes the eight types of prints that wise collectors will not want to buy - "afters", counterfeits and facsimilies, with over 170 illustrations.

For current owners of "The Official Catalog..."

If you currently own a copy of the Official Catalog, you may wish to download our new Combined Index . .
This index combines the Catalog and the Guide sections into one comprehensive easy to use index of titles; in all there are nearly 2,300 entries!

You can save the file to your hard or floppy disk, or you can print it out and keep it with the book - or both.

The file is a self-extracting Zipped file formated for Microsoft Word.

Download the New Index

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"As Pure as her
from "Le Marquis
de Sade"

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